About the Danbury FLYERS

The Danbury Flyers are a program run by the Danbury Youth Track and Field Association (DYTFA)

In 2013 Gail Hill Williams co-founded the DYTFA organization, with Greg Williams, at the request of track athletes and their parents, so they could have a summer travel program where the athletes could further to learn, grow and compete in track.

Danbury had every sports program represented in the Middle School for boys and girls, except for Track and Field. Danbury public schools eliminated the sports program in the 1990’s. The intent was to make the DYTFA program a feeder program for the Danbury High School Track and Field program.

So with the assistance and support of the Danbury High School coach Rob Murray, the Danbury Flyers were born. The Hatters “Orange and Blue” were chosen as team colors and are affiliated with the Western Connecticut Conference, AAU Connecticut District, and USATF CT Association.

Long time Danbury resident and DHS former Track and Cross Country member Gail Hill Williams was named the 1st Danbury Flyers Track and Field Coach and GM for the Indoor, Outdoor Spring and Summer track and Field Programs. In the Fall of 2014, DYTFA Board Member Irving Fox founded the Fall XC Running program and was named its 1st Commissioner. With the success of the middle school program, Irving then expanded the Flyers program by founding the First Flight program for athletes ages 5-8 in 2016.  Mr. Fox also serves as the Treasurer of DYTFA.

Now in our 6th year, the Danbury Flyers have developed into Western Connecticut’s largest, year-round program devoted to track and field and cross country running for athletes ages 5 through high school.  Many of our athletes, who began with little to no experience, have developed their skills and their desire to participate and compete in track and field and cross country running, which have resulted in numerous medals at state and national competitions.  The skills and lifestyle attained during their participation in our programs can benefit the athletes for their lifetime!

Danbury Youth Track & Field Philosophy

Kaizen: (Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”) refers to a philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes… Continuous improvement and striving for perfection.