Nutritional Tips-
Track and Field involves physical activity as we all are aware so diet is extremely important. Moreover these tips will help in healthy lifestyles as a whole.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide the primary fuel for exercising muscles. It is essential that young athletes consume lots of complex carbohydrates (i.e., whole grains, fruits and vegetables) on a daily basis. In addition, it is important to ensure that young athletes get the proper amount of carbohydrates before, during and after exercise to support optimal health and performance.

Stay hydrated: Drink water regularly throughout the day.

Eating during exercise: If you know in advance you’ll be active for several hours, at a track meet, you’ll need to bring healthy snacks that can be eaten in small quantities. Fruit, yogurt, cereal or granola bars, nuts or seeds, or cheese and crackers are good snacks.

Refueling after running: This is important, especially if you’ve had a long or hard workout. Drinking water and having a healthy snack will do the trick in most cases. Chocolate milk is a great post-exercise drink as it has carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen your muscles use for energy and protein to help them recover.

2-4 hours before exercise
· Sandwich with lean meat, piece of fruit.
· Pasta with tomato sauce.
· Cereal with milk.
· A bagel with peanut butter and honey, and a piece of fruit.
· English muffin with honey and low-fat yogurt.
30 minutes before exercise snacks
· ½ of an energy bar
· Apple sauce
· pretzels
Post-exercise meals
· Sandwich with 3 ounces lean meat, piece of fruit, pretzels, juice or milk.
· Pasta with tomato sauce, whole grain bread, skim milk.
· Cereal with milk, piece of fruit, toast with honey.
· Bagel with peanut butter and honey, piece of fruit, skim milk.
· 3 ounces lean meat, potatoes, cooked veggies, skim milk.
Food & Drink Ideas for your cooler
· Bagels
· Breakfast bars
· Crackers and peanut butter
· Pretzels
· Chex mix
· Fresh fruit (e.g., bananas, grapes, apples) or dried fruit