Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child be successful even if my Athlete does not have any previous track and field experience?
Absolutely. Most of our participants have no previous experience. This a developmental program. Each Athlete is required to do (2) running events and at least (1) Field event. Athletes are exposed to all events to see what is appropriate for their success.

What events are offered in the Danbury Youth and Field Program?
We do running, jumping, hurdling, throwing, middle distance and long distance

What is the practice schedule?
We have a rotating schedule. Rotation A: Monday Wednesday and Thursday
Rotation B: Tuesday Friday and Saturday
Weekday Practices are 6:00-7:30PM and Saturday is 9:00AM-10:30AM

Practice during Spring break-TBD

What meets do we compete in?
We compete in the WCC, AAU and USATF. WCC is event driven and is during the week. AAU and USATF meets are age group driven and on weekends in the Tri-State area.

Why do we need Report Cards?
We only want Athletes that are academically sound. Athletes cannot have and D or F’s on their report cards.

What equipment do we require?
Sneakers, practice uniform and competition uniform and a sweatshirt and warm up pants so they are warm.

Where do we practice?
Danbury Sports Dome on cold days or some inclement weather. We also practice at Tarrywile Park and Danbury High School.

Who competes?
Everyone who wants to in the AAU and USATF meets during the Spring. WCC meets everyone competes. Championships and Invitational Meets are selected by the Coaches and top performers compete.

How long is the Spring Season?
March 10-the beginning of June. It depends on when the WCC Championship date.

How will be notified of FLYER schedule updates?
We have implemented a ONE -CALL System. We send a message to email, phone and text messages. Also the website is updated as needed and we send out a weekly newsletter.