Awards & Recognition Programs

Awards Program

After each of our Track and Field seasons we culminate with a celebration of the efforts of our athletes and the support of our parents. Each participant receives a participatory certificate and accolades for a job well done. Also during this celebration we recognize Athletes that performed above and beyond expectation by age group for their individual contributions. These categories include (but not limited to) “Sportsmanship” on up to the “Most Valuable Player”. Award Each awardee is recognized with a medal with the category of honor and personalized with his/her name. In addition we recognize our Record Setters.

Recognition Program

DYTFA realizes that everyone contributes in his or her own way and that is not always about how you place during competition. With this said we have instituted a bead recognition program that recognizes hard-work and supports team work. There are 4 colors of beads- Orange, Royal Blue, Red, and Gray Beads that each Athlete can earn. The Orange Bead is given out by the Commissioner/GM. The Blue Bead is given out from the Coaching Staff and Team Mom, and the Gray Bead is given out by the Athletes to each other. The Red Bead is given when Athletes beat their personal best in an event. Each Athlete receives a metal ring clip on ring to collect and display the beads. At the end of the season celebration the Athlete with the most beads in a given category receives an award for a job well done.